20 Greatest Punjabi Singer

Bsg head banger

Bsg Head Banger
Criteria for Selection:
The following singers were chosen mainly for their lyrical,voice and flow durability. The list does not reflect sales or mainstream success of these artists. Artists were evaluated on a 25-point scale based on: originality, longevity, lyricism, social impact, flavor, Khada (live performance) skills, consistency, charisma, poetic value, substance, versatility, vocal presence, flow and delivery, among other factors.
To be eligible, artists must have:

a) Attained a longevity time frame of 7 years or more
b) i) Released 2 solo albums or ii)1 solo album and 2 group albums
c) Been musically active between 1947 and 2012

Born November 25, 1929, Died On June 15, 2006, was an punjabi folk singer and songwriter. She was named “Nightingale Of Punjab” due to her outstanding vocal talent and versatility. Surinder Kaur received her musical education in Lahore and trained as a folk singer but could also sing in any vocal register. She made her professional debut with a live performance on Lahore Radio in August 1943, and returned to Indian subcontinent in 1945 where she sang for some indian bollywood movies and various live shows in Lahore and in Punjab in the 1950s. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 76.


Gurdas Maan, Marjana Maan, Punjabian Da Maan Or call him whatever. He has gone on to record over 27 albums and has written over 200 songs. His style and flow has been copied by countless Punjabi Singers's. He Has been the most consistent singer in the past 20 years. After some multi-platinum albums, Gurdas Maan is and was what every singer in the game want to be. His presence on the mic is unmatched even though he has gone over so many tough times in his life. His debut album "Dil Da Mamla Hai (1981)" his heralded as his best work, even though albums such as "Heer (2004)" and "Boot Polishan (2008)" are classics in their own right. Even his debut movie "Saheed Ea Mohabbat Buta Singh" was also a huge international hit and "Waris Shah : Ishq Da Waaris" its mainstream appeal, can be considered a classic. All in all, Gurdas Maan is the true meaning of Prince Of Punjabi Music. We will miss Maan as he will retire. Blessings Of Waheguru To This Punjabi Prince.

Long live The great Legend of punjabi music history. Amar Singh Chamkila born on July 21, 1960. Amar Singh Chamkila was to the punjabi music what Michael Jackson was to the English Music. Chamkila released the biggest folk classics "Hikk Utte So Ja Ve" and "Lak Mera Kach Warga" and became a folk icon. He changed the way an singer flows, and stopped everyone in his track when he dropped his verse on "kadha soorma" using the most emotional style better than other singers in that time did themsleves. Also one of the great storytellers & controversial in punjabi music, Chamkila had every element an punjabi singer could dream of. Would have easily been No.1 if not for his untimely death in 1988.


Dubbed "The Most Influential Singer Ever", "All-Time Fan Favorite", the "The King Of Kaliyan". Whatever he is to his fans, Manak will forever be remembered for bringing emotion to Punjabi Music. With his 1973 debut "Teri Khatar Heere" released under HMV Records, he proved he can hang with the best of them. But 1976's "Ektara" put Manak on a footstall with the greatest artists in musical history. His long time battles with kidney disease ended up on 30 November 2011 when he was claimed dead due to lung infection on DMC Hospital Ludhiana. Manak was well documented by punjabi music media in documentaries, and he still has the greatest song of all time with "Tere Tilley Ton". Although he was recognized as a Heavy Drinker but will always known for most inspirational to society, he blessed us with more than Music. Manak's voice was versatile as within one album he sang in many different pitches and tones to reflect a song's meaning. He graced the big screen, wrote heart-wrenching kaliyan, and from time to time showed us all his emotions in his songs. Many artists have paid tribute to kuldeep manak in their songs, Jazzy B said in the track "Jadu (Rambo)": "Main Manak Da Chela, Dass Doon Aal Dawaale Nu, Meri Umar Vi Lagg Jey Jandu Littranwale Nu" where once Gurdas Maan paid tribute to Manak in his song "Pind Dian Galiyan" with line "Manak hadd muka giya naviyaan kaliyaan di.." R.I.P. Kuldeep Manak, King Of Kaliyan.


With a unique flow duplicated only by Asa Singh Mastana, Yamla Jatt is probably the greatest folk singer in Punjabi Music History. Lal Chand Yamla Jatt, best known as Yamla Jatt or Ustad Ji, was considered King of East Punjab. "Das Main Ki Pyar Wichon Khateya" was arguably the first folk song to detail the emotional realities of lovers and considered to be the classic song in indian music history. His trademark was his soft strumming of tumbi and his turban tying style known traditionally as "Turla". After more than 4 decades in the punjabi music industry, Yamla's "Khedan De Din Chaar" album is being regarded as his best work of his career. Yamla died on December 20, 1991 at the age of 77. Rest In Peace to The Great Veteran.


Waris Brothers also known as Heer Brothers represents the significance of striking a chord with your audience and sticking to it. These British Columbian raised boys brought sensible talk and bhangra beats to punjabi music's forefront. From rapid-fire vocals to childhood narratives, Sangtar, Manmohan & Kamal Heer never strayed from their niche far enough to fill their wall with platinum plaques. Instead, they stayed true to their culture roots and kept their sound drenched in folk music. All three of Waris Brothers are behind the formulation of Punjabi Virsa shows all over the world. These shows have become internationally famous. From sample poetry anthems of Surjit Patar to feel-good memories, Waris Brothers always took care of business.


Surinder Shinda or also knows as just Shinda has not just given numorious hits to punjabi music but also created probably the most important movie in Punjabi Movies History "Putt Jattan De"(1981). He was named "grandfather of modern Punjabi music", and sometimes has been described as "legendary". He has battled through tough times, and even tougher opponents. Surinder Shinda is one of the greatest to ever grace a mic, and his legacy will be forever etched in Music. Shinda garnered notoriety as an unsung folk vet. Still, his witty wordplay and lyrical influence earned him a spot among the greats.


Died at the age of 41 on 17 November 2003, the rest of Binderakhia's talent followed him to the grave. Surjit Bindrakhia had arguably one of the most powerful voice among Bhangra singers during his time. Throaty, with a wide range of sounds, he was one of the most successful traditional artist doing the rounds of the bhangra scene during his time. Surjit had been known in Punjab for many years, but his big break in the expatriate market came with Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da 1995, a track that was his best known. He was known for his hekh, in which he sings a note continuously in one breath. He received a special jury award at the 2004 Filmfare Awards for his contribution to Punjabi music. Binderakhia stormed the market with over 250 million hit sales of which 175 million came from India alone. He later combined with greats such as Surinder Shinda doing live sets. Some people considered his last song "Tidke Ghade Da Pani" as his Astrology of his own death. Bindrakhia died of a heart attack on the Morning of November 17, 2003 at his home in Phase-7, Mohali but he left us with enough material to know that he was one of the most auspicious singer in punjabi music history.


As the frontman for the groundbreaking 1999 classic "Tu Meri Miss India", Babbu Maan brought smash realism to punjabi music industry with each solo album he released. His third album "Saaun Di Jhadi" released in 2001 was a highly successful album; It sold over 10 million copies in India alone and many more overseas. In some mean time he played lead roles in punjabi movies under his own label production. Maan's Film Hashar... A love Story, was the biggest film success yet in his career. He battled and win over the dispute on his most controversial song "Ek Baba Nank Si". Nevertheless, "Singh Better Than King" was successful album and it sold more than 25 million copies in (INDIA). With subject matter ranging from Life to Love to Heaven and Hell, Babbu Maan dropped knowledge that many lyricists were afraid to touch at the time. Combined with a raspy delivery, Babbu Maan will always be the King of the heart-wrenching lyrics.

Personally, my one of the most favourite singer Soni Pabla was the God given gift to punjabi music. Considered to be the classic, his debut album "Gal Dil Di" crossed all sale records. Tejpal Singh Pabla also known as Soni Pabla born in Bilaspur a village near Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. He had never lose the passion to go platinum. Soni Pabla died at the age of 30, while giving a stage performance in Brampton, Ontario on October 14, 2006. Soni Pabla's funeral was shown on the Asian TV program "Jee Aayan Nu", which showed his family and friends mourning. Although Soni Pabla is no longer with us, his essence is still felt in the music. Pabla has opened the doors for a wave of singers such as his nephew Saini. Through his music Soni Pabla lives on, and should never be forgotten.


He changed the way an punjabi sufi singer approached the mic. At the age of 17, he brought magical sufi lyrics to the table. Used very loving words in his lyrics. Set the standard for what an punjabi sufi singer should sound like. Hans Raj Hans has had the biggest impact of anyone on this list. The landmark album "Chorni"(1999) proved to be the standard. When Hans Raj Hans introduced to the punjabi music, there wasn't enough rush for sufism. He is a disciple of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and have put impression on countless punjabi singers in which Satinder Sartaj is one of them. He signed to Speed Records in 2008, and left after he and Sukhshinder Shinda had creative differences. When his most anticipated project "Yaara O Yaara" (2008) drops, he changed the game once again.


Undoubtedly the most influential singer of his time, 'Kulwinder Dhillon remains a transcendental singer that's often imitated but never duplicated. Dhillon started his career with his debut album "Kacheriyan Ch Mele Lagde" that had the hit song "Boliyan", which got a lot of airplay on the radio. An absolute master of punjabi bhangra, Kulwinder had often paints a picture of college life in his songs. Countless others (including Sippy Gill, Pinder Sandhu) later adopt his lyrics persona. Kulwinder had an amazing delivery and was very charismatic. Dhillon Was Died On March 19, 2006 at the age of 32. The punjabi music industry will never forget the gifted work of Kulwinder Dhillon. Good die young, may God rest his soul in peace.


[13] JAZZY B
Becoming the first artist recognized as a commercial art, signed to Speed Records, Jazzy B has held down the Punjabi Hip Hop scene for 20 years now. Releasing 12 gold and platinum albums, no other artist has been more consistent. His landmark album "Oh Keri" changed Jazzy's persona and unleashed a fervor in his lyrics that would continue for the next ten years. Becoming an elder statesman for Punjabi Hip Hop Music, Jazzy B cut out the profanity from his lyrics. As Jazzy B has proved, though he may be beat down in future by any artist but there is always a room for this King Of Bhangra.


Even though Kaler Kanth has remained in the underground scene for alomst half of his career, he continues to be one of the biggest influences in the game. After Blessing punjabi folk music with his saddest soul type songs, kanth gained critical acclaim as an commercial punjabi singer. Setting the standard for punjabi folk music in the early 2000's, Kanth has always been known to competed many challengers to stepped to his throne. Kaler kanth is a legend, and will always be remembered amongst Folk Music Heads.


Amrinder Gill is one of the most consistent soulful singer of 21st century. His laid-back style don't need any extraa attention in skills. Dropping 8 straight gold and platinum albums, he's the face of modern punjabi music. He's work in punjabi movie "Munde uk De" was well appreciated by many critics. Charismatic like no other singer, he continues to push the envelope every time he touches the mic. Outstanding delivery, great flow and above average lyrics, Gill is a legend in an otherwise watered down punjabi music scene. Gill's latest album "Judaa" produced by Dr. Zeus, has created a new landmark. He would be a top 10 artist if he had more recent material.


Another truest artist and follower of a Shaukat Ali, Harbhajan Maan put his singing skills on the table with the release of "Jag Jeondeyan De Mele" (1994). The album is being regarded as his best work. Known for his smooth delivery and vivid imagary in his songs, Maan also created buzz in punjab with playing lead role in "Jee Ayan Nu" (2002) which was a greatest hit. His Punjabi-pop style soon attracted audiences from all over India. Harbhajan Mann has become a prominent figure in the revitalisation of Punjabi cinema. He has starred and produced in seven movies. Maan is working on his new movie "Munde Rockstar" (2012) under the direction of music man "sukhshinder shinda".


Satinder Sartaaj also known as Satinder Sartaj, is an rising Punjabi singer. He has made a huge impact on punjabi sufi music in general, and I think that and his incredible singing talent make him worthy of no less than being number one in current sufi category. His songs make a personal impact on each person that listens to them. It was in college, when he also started writing poetry and adopted his Takhallus (poetic name) Sartaaj. He got married with his long time love interest Gauri on 9 December 2010.
Sartaaj has also accused of plagiarism. In April 2010 Tarlok Judge, a Ferozepore based Punjabi poet, accused Satinder of using one of his couplet "Aasan aag de vastar paune ne, nazdik na ho" published on page 24 of his book Ehsaas de Zakham in his song. Sartaaj quickly started being considered as a great. Only time will tell how great he will be.


Armed with a breathless flow and amazing delivery, Sardool Sikander became the face of punjabi folk music after his debut. Making his first appearances on radio and television in the early 80s with his introductory album, "Roadways Di Laari", he has appeared in numerous films as an actor and musician. Sikander is married to Amar Noorie, who is also an accomplished singer and actress. He struggled in the early years of his career. Sikander has 27 albums to his credit. His work has been included in over 50 derivative albums from all over the world. Very charismatic and an overabundance of confidence, he has collaborated with the greats and held down his own. Has not quite lived up to his potential, but his flow alone carry him into the Top 20. Blessings to this all time punjabi star.


Born to a renowned music composer father. Jaspinder Narula is a noted Punjabi & Bollywood playback singer. She is sometimes named “Madonna Of Bollywood” due to her expressive singing style and rich tones in her voice, and she has been an inspiration to many vocalists. Ms. Narula received her musical education in her early age due to big musical influence from her father and trained as religious singer but could also sing in any vocal register. She made her professional debut in Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan (1998), and returned to Delhi in 2004 where she sang for some religious albums and various productions for punjabi music industry.

[20] JUGGY D
Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal, better known by his stage name Juggy D is one of the game changing player. After coming up through the Uk underground scene, this Southhall based punjabi singer got his start alongside Jay Sean as a member of The Rishi Rich Project. A punjabi pop to hip hop style, D ventured solo and mad a name for himself as a solo artist. D's own debut album, "Juggy D", was released in 2004 and became the first Punjabi language album to enter the UK national charts. A multi-talented singer who can light a fire under any singer in the uk music industry. Juggy D has been performing since the age of 14. D has also appeared on numerous crossover singles with musicians such as Madonna, Ricky Martin, Mary J Blige and Craig David. D has known for stealing the live shows from all over the world. He has also teamed up with many great US artists including Timbaland and made an unreleased track called "Cop That Shit." Despite his less popularity in punjab, he remains a fan favorite as well as an singers's favorite.



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Best of the best singers in Punjab are afraid to do Jugalbandi with Sabar Koti.
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