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Kamal Heer is one of the best singers Punjab has ever produced. He is a versatile artist and performer. He is one of the last generation of singers to learn the techniques and subtlety of complicated Hindustani music from a guru. He is a great dancer and has extreme control over his voice. His live shows are legendary, filling the air with great energy and mesmerizing the audience. Kamal Heer was born in the village of Halluwal in Punjab, India. His older brothers were both studying music so he got hooked on music at the early age of seven. Kamal's eldest brother Manmohan Waris is a well-known Punjabi singer. Middle brother Sangtar, is a music composer and composes for both his brothers as well as others.

Kamal studied classical music under Ustad Sh.. Jaswant Singh Bhanwra. At the age of 16, Kamal moved to Canada and there he began his music career. He started composing music along with his brother Sangtar. Together they created many hit albums for Manmohan Waris and others. Kamal released his debut album "Kamli", in 2000 on the record label Magna Sound. Listeners and music critics equally welcomed the album as a new milestone in Punjabi music. Two years later, in 2002 Plasma Records released his second album "Masti". The album's success was phenomenal and following in the tradition of his brothers Kamal became a star . Music fans everywhere loved thealbum. The title song "Bhajan Kuray" hit a note with the young generation.

The first single ballad 'Yaad Aaegi' made a deep impression on everyone who heard it. But it was the third single from this album, 'Kanthe Vala' that broke all boundaries and took Kamal to the top spectrum of stardom. The song's melody along with its video portrayed Punjabi culture in such a positive way that the younger generations were forced to rethink their culture's roots. This song has become a must have for all DJs and 'the sound' of Punjabi parties. Kamal's third album "Masti-2" was released in 2003. All the songs from this album became instant hits. Kamal has something special in his voice. He is a master of notes and has unlimited improvisational powers. This great combination of art and performance shines when he performs live.

He has performed many shows all over the world and is praised for his new approach to live music. Onstage he has endless energy combined with moving rhythms and heart-felt words. Kamal's live recordings from "Punjabi Virsa 2004" (recorded at Canada's Wonderland, Toronto) and "Punjabi Virsa 2005" (recorded at Wembley, London) are the best selling DVDs of any Punjabi concert. Kamal's latest album is "Masti Three". Each of the ten songs on this album is unique and able to stand on its own yet the album flows as its own entity. The album was only just released and already the enthusiasm of Kamal's fans show that they are eager to grow along with Kamal. With great expectations from him in the future., Kamal has carved a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Personal Profile

Birth Name: Kamaljeet Singh Heer
Date of Birth: January 23, 1977
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Halluwal, Punjab
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Sikhism
Address: Mall 16 Gujrat Complex, Jyoti Chowk, Jalandhar
Phone: 0181-2282121


Brother: Manmohan Waris, Sangtar
Spouse:Gurjit Kaur


Profession: Musician, Singer
Claim to Fame: Kanthe Vala
Debut: Sohniya De Laare