10 Add-ons that will slow down Firefox


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For our first offering, let’s focus on Mozilla Firefox. The thing that made Firefox a great alternative browser to the still-dominating Internet Explorer is the ability of the user to customize it through the multitude of plug-ins and add-ons available.
Though at first this is a good idea, given that this is under the open source licensing, many third-party developers can create their own add-ons and as such, some may be detrimental rather than beneficial to the browsing experience.

With this in mind, Mozilla has released a list of the 10 add-ons that can slow-down Firefox’s performance. These particularly slows down the browser’s start up time as denoted by the bar beside the plug-in’s name.
Slow Performing Add-ons
Add-ons provide many useful features and functions, but they can also cause Firefox to become slower. Some add-ons can even slow Firefox to a crawl and make it difficult to use for regular web browsing. If you think add-ons might be the reason Firefox is lethargic, check the list below for some of the biggest bottlenecks. And remember, for best performance you should disable add-ons that you no longer use regularly.