Mozilla launches awesome mobile Firefox on Maemo as the firs


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The organization behind the Firefox browser has posted the final version of mobile Firefox for Nokia’s Maemo platform, which powers the N900 and N810 devices.
After more than eighteen months of development, five public betas, and three release candidates, the first-ever Firefox release for mobile devices is ready for prime time. This final release is currently available for Nokia’s Maemo OS2008 and Maemo 5 platforms that run the Nokia N900 and N810.
However, Mozilla plans to unleash mobile Firefox on Android by the summer, as well as on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Symbian S60. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry and iPhone people won’t get to enjoy mobile Firefox due to Java-based BlackBerry development and Apple’s reluctance to approve apps written using non-Apple frameworks.

Mozilla billed mobile Firefox as a “secure, powerful, and customizable mobile web browser optimized for a mobile experience.” Enabled for both touch and non-touch input, the browser is optimized for constrained CPU and memory resources on your mobile phone. The software sports a unique interface that tucks away controls and tabs into columns revealed by swiping a page left or right, maximizing screen real estate for web pages.
In fact, a URL box called Awesome bar is the only visible interface element. The Awesome bar is pretty smart as it searches through your history, bookmarks, and tags and enables one-click access to the search engine of your choice.
Mobile browser with add-ons

The software has arrived as the first mobile browser that supports add-ons. Because Mozilla add-on developers have to tweak existing extensions for mobile Firefox’s smaller user interface, this release has launched with just 40 compatible add-ons, including AdBlock Plus, URL Fixer, TwitterBar, language translators, and geo guides. Mozilla expects more add-ons to become available as it rolls out mobile Firefox on other platforms in the coming months.

Mobile Firefox for Maemo also includes Mozilla’s Weave add-on that automagically syncs bookmarks, passwords, history, open browser tabs, and browser preferences between desktop and mobile Firefox, allowing you to enjoy the same personalized experience on your computer and a smartphone. In addition, mobile Firefox supports the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS, offline storage, and JavaScript, including Javascript access to device capabilities like geolocation, camera, and calling.

Other features include Instant Web Site IDs for safe browsing, built-in spell checker, download manager, password manager, automated updating, pop-up blocker, and localizations for over 30 languages. A detailed overview of all the features of mobile Firefox is available here.
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Both mobile Firefox and desktop Firefox 3.6 share the Gecko 1.9.2 layout engine specifically optimized to run on small device operating systems like Windows CE and Maemo. Mobile Firefox, however, lacks the Firefox 3.6’s new lightweight theming engine dubbed Personas.
Nokia N900 owners can grab a copy of mobile Firefox by visiting from their device. Folks who don’t have a Maemo device can download and run unbranded Fennec desktop builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mozilla recommends you install the YouTube Enabler add-on from within mobile Firefox’s add-ons manager in order to be able to watch YouTube videos.
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Mozilla posted three release candidates of mobile Firefox during January (RC1, RC2, and RC3) and two release candidates of desktop Firefox 3.6 (RC1 and RC2) before the final version saw the light of the day two weeks ago. Geek has been tracking Fennec’s development thoroughly so you may want to check our stream of mobile Firefox articles.