YouTube going to introduce high-definition video streams


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YouTube going to introduce high-definition video streams at CES 2014

According to recent reports by CNET, Google is planning to introduce High-Definition Video Streaming service at coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With the help of this new feature users will be able to transmit high-definition, 4K quality streams without slowing down the network and users will also experience less buffering while watching online videos.

The reports says that Google is working hard to bring VP9 on different brand and the demo partners include Sony, Panasonic, and LG, which are already all set to show off their 4K TVs at CES. The report also added that, VP9 is currently a big deal for the Internet and YouTube’s support of it is both an in-house quid pro quo and beneficial for the Internet at large. “With a codec as good as VP9, we can significantly increase the size of the Internet,” Matt Frost a senior business product manager for Google Chrome’s Web Media team said. “We can significantly increase the speed of the Internet.”