World's weirdest hotels


Prime VIP

The sand hotel

It took seven days and 1,000 tons of sand for sculptors to create this oddity on the beaches of Dorset, England. The hotel features both twin and double bedrooms, which are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

The fold-up hotel

Going to a festival in the Netherlands and want something better than a tent? Many such events there offer fold-up accommodations, like these.

The just-plain-weird hotel

In Berlin, Germany, the Propeller Island City Lodge is a go-to place for travellers who enjoy whimsical decor. The 28 rooms are more like living art pieces — see this take on a prison cell — and range from $95 to $260 a night.

The upside-down room

Though it looks like all the furniture is out of reach, beds and chairs that you can actually use open up out of the floor, so guests can comfortably sit and sleep.

The tube hotel

Originally designed for office workers who wanted to catch some quick Z's, the Capsule Inn Akihabara in Tokyo provides a cheap option for the non-claustrophobic. For less than $40 a night, guests can stay in 7-foot-long pods equipped with a TV, radio, and wireless Internet.