World's Most Expensive iPhone


If you’re a fan of luxury phones, you’re going to like this. The iPhone has currently been luxed up by Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson. The result is the iPhone Princess Plus - the world’s most expensive iPhone. 138 of the total amount of diamonds are “princess cut” stones, which is where the name iPhone Princess Plus comes from.
The other 180 diamonds used the brilliant cut. These diamonds total 17.75 carats and are inlaid on 18k white gold. The price of this sparkling baby is $176,400. Of course, an alternative version containing only the brilliant-cut diamonds is available for “only” $66,150.

damnnn...crazy man...who is cana buy this....i will never ever buy is its nokia 2100.....
2100 is still too good, talk about 3300 or 1100..:p

yeah yeah....koi v.... phone is phone.....stilll u can talk with phone....there is no point of buying this ghatiya phone...i phone..ahhh....i dont like i phone.....anyways...nice sharing though....tfs:)


Appan apne Iphone touch naal hi satisfied aa. Urre monthly plan hi 100 mahine da tapp jaanda iphone naal.