Lyrics Wiz Khalifa - Buss Down Lyrics


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Or should I say yeaaaaaah!
Shout out my nigga, Sledgren, my nigga Artie
You already know man
Keepin' me poppin' up in them magazines face all over the place
I know you see it
Prince Of The City man, 2, E, you ready?

I'm looking for a buss down

Every time I hit a city if you ever see her with me and she rollin' then she gotta be a (buss down)
And she get it like a pro ain't nobody gotta know
Hell no she ain't a ho, she a (buss down)
A couple swishers feelin' right
Yeah I hope that ain't cha wife cause tonight shawty lookin like a (buss down)
Say she know me I'm the man I understand she wanna ride with the camp then she gotta be a (buss down)

When I touch ground
I need a line of them bussies when I come round
Riding but its soft leather seats in my truck now (now)
They throw it at me I receiving for da touchdown
She gotta be a buss down
Ray got my cigarillo smelling right
Tell her what its sitting for and I ain't gotta tell her twice (nahh)
And it's going down tonight ain't got the time to take you out
I'm only in town tonight **** the wait I'm bout to crush now (now)
I got her star struck heard that
Heard that I just signed a major deal I'm getting star bucks (yeeuh)
Got you going ballistic trying to get back to my tour bus
Hope you brought a couple of your friends here witchu cause it's more of us
Boogie hoes be boring us, she gotta be about it (bout it)
Got any once of attitude then I can do without it (out it)
She gotta be a sure fire thick fine knock a whole clique down
Go hard work a day job on a week and she a (buss down)


Its a must now, you in here with your man its time to put them cuffs down
Say you ain't with cheatin got you creepn on a hush now (now)
You never smoke before, I gotchu hitting blunts now
Watch your average nigga holla at you and you shut dowm
Know exactly who I am (am) she put her front down
Flyer than a mother****er nothing but that newness (newness)
Know she a buss down, no she say she don't usually do this (do this)
You're borderline exclusive that's why you off in my new shit (yeah)
That body get you what you want, and you know how to use it (yaa)
All I do is tell them who I am and bitches lose it (lose it)
I'm all about my paper dog she in love with my music
All eyes on me (me) I feel like I'm the new kid
A zombie I make her give me brains til she stupid (stupid)
And if she can be certified ride or die, gotta mean back side
Let me and my team hit it right, then I turn her to a (buss down)


This for all my buss downs from here to over there
You dug, or you see me, wave hi then bye, not much conversation in between
Sledgren (yeeuh)
Its Young..Whiz.......Khalifa man (buss down)