Recipe Wine and Cheese Pairing


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The best way to pair wine and cheese is to pair the wine and cheese from the same region. For example, Italian Chianti and Parmesan cheese is a great pairing. Also remember hard cheese like Parmesan and cheddar goes well with more tannic (wines with woody flavour) wines. Whether it's champagne, cava or sparkling wine – pairing of cheese with bubbly wines is one of life's pleasures.


In a fine dining, a chef always selects and presents a cheese for mild to strong form of corresponding wine depending on the customers taste and appetite. Another type of wine which goes good with the cheese is the rose wine. Rose wine is said to go well at any type of meal like brunch, picnics, appetizers, barbeques and even fancy dinner parties.

Here are some of the cheese and wine combinations that go well:

#Camembert is highly flavorful but not overpowering. It has a woody flavor, so it pairs well with any kind of sparkling wine.

#Gruyere is a mountainous cheese with rich and elegant flavor which goes well with again good quality of sparkling wines as both of them have expensive indulgences.

#Goat cheese has a tangy flavor that pairs well with wines that are bright and lightly acidic. Soft goat cheese pairs best with rose wine, but you can also experiment with aged varieties.

#Blue cheese goes well with Port wines especially when the cheese is topped with some nuts, like walnuts, pecan either raw or candied. Also, with salty taste of blue cheese the wine that balances this cheese is the dessert wine which is more on the sweeter side.

#A drizzle of honey on the toasted slice of bread sprinkled with mild and nutty flavored cheese like Manchego which is a tangy goat cheese makes a good pairing with red wines.

Points to be remembered for easy pairing of cheese and wine:

-Most people think of pairing cheese with red wine, but white wines tend to go better with cheese.

-As the tannin content is more in red wines, go for light one's or the old one's as the tannin tends to mellow by years.

-Just as lighter wines tend to go better with lighter foods and heavier wines with heavier foods, lighter cheeses are better with lighter wines.

-As they say that marriages are made in heaven, and if talking about a cheese-wine marriage, it has to be a sweet wine and blue cheese one, as they go best with each other.