Windows 7 to beat XP to be the No.1 desktop OS


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It is no news that Windows XP is the most favoured operating system the world over and its stability is the reason why it currently sits atop at the position as the number one operating system. However, if a survey by Net Applications is anything to go by, then the current operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7 is looking at grabbing the coveted spot and in doing so, overthrow Windows XP.

The survey shows Windows XP sitting in pole position with 44.85 percent and coming close is the current Microsoft operating system, Windows 7 at 40.51 percent. A report by CNET sheds some light on this survey by stating that this is the narrowest gap shared between the two, ever since Windows 7 was launched in 2007. What appears to be the most notable difference here is that the gap has decreased from 38.8 percent of Windows 7 users in April to 40.51 percent in June.

Windows 7 to dominate destop market share in the next few months

The report states that the reason why Windows 7 has gained ground over XP is because support for the latter is expected to expire in less than two years. The author notes, “Windows XP has also been popular for so long because it works. It's proven itself a robust and stable OS, and one capable of running the applications on which many businesses and users rely. But with support for XP set to expire in less than two years, more companies have been switching to Windows 7. Microsoft itself has been pushing the upgrade, even going to far as to tell businesses on XP not to wait for Windows 8. So the passing of the crown from XP to Windows 7 may have taken its time, but it's been inevitable."

If this survey is anything to go by then it is expected that Windows 7 will overtake XP in the coming months. The report adds, “The move to Windows 7 has been slow, especially among enterprises. Individual users can more easily jump from one OS to another. But companies face a huge task migrating all their PCs and users to a new OS.”

The migration process is not straightforward as all hardware and software need to be tested for compatibility. In addition to this fact, users need to be trained and the migration process needs to be run and completed within a specified amount of time.