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Anybody please suggest me, how to use Wifi on Laptop & Mobile.

I have wifi modem named as


Compaq Presario V2000

Nokia N900

please somebody help me in detail.. I have zero knowledge about it :sad


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First configure you BSNL modem..'Bsnl wifi ITI DNA-A211-1 Setup'

Second @laptop Switch on the wifi switch on your laptop..than go to control panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center >>> select connect to network..you will find you Access point ie your bsnl modem accesss point name >>click on it select connect..enter password if its required..Done

Third @Nokia goto setting >> connectivity >>Wlan >>option than refresh >> your wireless access point will be listed out there..select that >> options >> connect..enter password if its required..



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First thing check the back of your Modem/Router and read username and password of the router .
Connect it using Ethernet Wire and open Internet Explorer type:
put username and password of the Modem ( admin/admin)

Goto Security and add a Password on Wifi first.

then once its done.

Turn the laptop on. Turn on the Wifi of your laptop . Usualy its a Function key and the network key. Or you can do it manually.

Goto network and sharing and then click on the Wifi network (search where the option is.)
double click it and then add the password you put on the network adapter and thats it. good to go

same with phone


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bro are you using Windows 7 ??
if yes than use chrome browser..firefox and ie doesn't work (for me it doesn't)
Try different web browser..if is still not opening..than you must do it the harder way..ie using cmd :an


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win XP...

baaki yaar eh pre shared key kithon milegi ??? :-? mobile te prompt aa reha hai pre shared key..

pre shared key is the password you configured into your wireless modem..if you give the right password or key..than you can connect to that access point/ wireless router and access the internet

ok do this bro it works for me just tried it
goto control panel >> network and internet >> Network and sharing..
select change adapter settings..select your Local Area Connection adapter(the one which is providing you the internet)..right click on it >> properties >> select internet protocol version 4(tcp/ipv4)>>click on properties button ..select use the following ip address 'Radio box'..
ip add :- >> subnet mask : - >> default gateway :- (your wireless router ip)..Ok>>ok...
wait for 5-10 sec..now open chrome..type in add bar..enter username and pass ..configure it..

NOTE : revert to the original settings after you configure the wireless modem ie the changes you made in ip add/subnetmask/default gateway/(just select obtain an ip automatically 'Radio box')


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well thats not much of help
connect your pc with Ethernet cable (yellow) jehri network card ch lagdi aa NOT USB

turn the modem on

Open Opera/google chrome/internet explorer

and it will ask username and password.
Type Admin / admin

let me know je eh chalda. it should work.