Who supports Terrorists ?

Banta - Who supports Terrorists ?


Banta- Who supports Pakistan ?

Santa - China.

Banta - Who supports China?

Santa- We the people of India.

Banta - How ?

Santa - China is India's key Trade partner.

Banta - Why not Indian Govt ban it.

Santa - Because We the People want CHEAP so Purchase it .

Banta - So we are part of Funding Terrorists.

**True Fact **
90 billion dollars is trade surplus of China with India. Thanks to ourselves​

kit walker

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Dekho eh china toon material vi proper channel rahi import hunda. Je item hi ni available taan lok ape hi indian made kharidan ge. Colgate da toothpaste Chinese manufactured hunda. hor vi kai indian brand china toon product manufacture kara ke sell karde. ohda ki.


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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Eh ni samj aanda ke imported product local produce to cheap kidha hai?

Apne raw material bhi hai, labour bhi cheap hai. Fer?

kit walker

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taxes and duties and bribery is main reason for import of product. In punjab 85% of industry migrated in last five years. All major players shifted out of state. The demand of electricity is less than generation. The Capacity of Power Plant was less than actual consumption. PSPCL was buying power from others. Now its is selling power to States.
its not about india...entire world is dependent on china.... US, UK, India, Asia everywhere all electronic goods are made in china..... Can you stop that?