When Lovers...


Between a lover is exchanged many things

Smiles, kisses, hugs, and games.

New lives, new hopes, so much love,

A descending spiral of loving dove.

The past and future all become one

When lovers meet under the sun

And emotions jump and sparks fly

When lovers meet in the night.

When lovers do the ultimate thing

And join together to make a life

And lovers kiss, not just a fling

They do this during day or night

When lovers hold hands during sunsets

And he bends on his knee with a ring in his hand

And says the words that make the love true,

"Will you marry me, I love you.."

When lovers grow old and remain together

Support each other through any weather

Having made the vows, and had the kiss

Lovers live in total bliss

When lovers fight and disagree

The love remains, underneath

The love is true, it will fly

A real emotion never dies

When lovers come back and trust again

And hold each other through thick and thin

And understand the emotions true

"You love me and I love you..."

When lovers sit in rocking chairs

Remembering things that were there

Their first kiss, and their first date

The perfume she wore while they ate

Both of them are holding hands

Wedding rings and wedding bands

And thoughts that fly, their lives do flash

The lovers die in each other's grasp.