When indira gandhi asked


"In 1974 when I was an Inspector-General in the Border Security Force I received a call from the Prime Minister’s Office that Mrs Indira Gandhi wanted to see me urgently that evening.

"I was on an inspection visit to some border posts in Kashmir near Gulmarg. I was stunned at this SOS from the PMO. A chopper flew me from Gulmarg to Srinagar from where I took a regular flight of the Indian Airlines to New Delhi.

"I could not guess the reason for the summons. There was not much happening in either the Border Security Force or Jammu and Kashmir. Anyway, I reached Delhi and went to call on the Prime Minister at the appointed time.

"After a formal exchange of greetings, I mustered some courage to ask the Prime Minister: ’Madam, you asked for me. Is there anything specific?’

"No, nothing much. The only reason I have called you here is to tell you that the Education Minister recently pointed out to me that you have been recruiting too many Sikh hockey players,’ said Mrs Gandhi.

"I kept quiet though I was very upset. I returned to the guest house and signed my letter of resignation from the presidentship of the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and sent it immediately to the then President of the Indian Olympic Association, Raja Bhalendra Singh. All my friends in sports in general and hockey in particular advised me against this step. But I was determined. I had so much faith and trust in my hockey players, most of whom were Sikhs. I could not have left them down.

"The contribution of Sikhs to Indian hockey has always been immense and I salute them."

This is a part of the speech Mr Ashwani Kumar, who was once the doyen of Indian hockey, made at a function held in the union capital in April, 2006, to felicitate the top 10 Sikh hockey Olympians of India. The second part of his speech was how he and other members of his family fought violent protestors and arsonists during the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi in 1984. He then eulogized the contribution of great Sikh hockey players like Sahib Singh, Sarup Singh, Udham Singh, Harmik Singh and Ajitpal Singh to Indian hockey.

He complimented Sikh hockey players for their devotion, commitment, sincerity and hard work.
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bhaji hor v bahut kuch hai jo tusi nai jaande te na jaanna chohande ho.
Ik gal hor desh nu pyar assi v karde aa par pta ne kuj lok eh kyn sochde a k sada es desh naal pyar ne. Je assi sachi gal kariye ta kehnde ne k tusi farak karde ho,nafrat failounde ho etc.
shittar khaan, human bomb banan, faahe chadan tyme assi murre. Jad desh azad ho gaya te hun desh-bhakti da raag landi-buchi gai jaandi.

Jalianwale bagh ch kalle sikh ta nahi c katal hoye, sarre punjabi veer sigge. Udham Singh sarre punjabi veera da badla laike aaya.
Jad Punjab nu punjab di bandi punjabi language de base te hissa milan di gal aai ta ehi punjabi veera ne apni maat-bhasha de punjabi hon to v munkar ho gaye c. Hun bhujo Gaddar kon te wafadar kaun??


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indra was *****
Can't comment on her being ***** or not........

Surely she belonged to lineage of Gangu Brahmin, the same gangu who gave information about Mata Gujri Ji and Chhote Sahibjadey, to Nawab Wazir Khan of Sirhind.

Jawahar Lal Nehru was son of Motilal Nehru, a Kashmiri Pandit with surname Kaul. The last name nehru came from hindi word Nehar ( Canal). Their fore-father Raj Kaul was given land by the Mughal emperor Farrukshiar by the side of canal. This Raj Kaul is related to Gangu Brahmin.
Farrukshair was the last dangerous Mughal emperor (no less then Aaurangjeb) who killed sikhs on daily basis, and asked jakriya khan of Lahore to do the same. It was his time when chhota ghallughara was done by Lakhpat Rai of Lahore. Raj Kaul was hand in glove with Farrukshiar.

This lineage is enemy of Sikhs from the days of our Guru.
I hope their new generation is better off, and they should not earn the same Sins which their fathers and fore-fathers had been earning in history.


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Innocent Sikhs were killed on that day..Indra gandhi's actions made INDIA what it is now...'A F****ng discrimination between religion'...:angry

Thanks for the info...:)


it's so sad tht we all know the truth but still ppl of india follow here ... n her family is still rulin india
british left but handed over india to gandhizz to rule ...n they till date r ruinin n ruilin it
shame on indra n general brar n all others