what makes you punjabi?


hello friends,

chai pehlo, LOL

serious question yaar,

what makes you punjabi?

should we be proud of this punjabi culture?

i am happy for what that 10 gurus accomplished. should we follow their path?

we suffer from drugs, poverty, racism. depression, and anything else between in what life gives us.

or do we all receive happiness?

how strong is the personal soul?

either way, i feel like punjabi is still band new.. but i still respect the people who fought for us..

it is hard for us to live in this modern world. we have to be ENGLISH.. it is a damn shame..

a special shout out to all the women out here.. they say god is a women... who knows what the truth is... we shall protect you.. feed you.. take care of you.. bring happiness to you...

may god bless every one

* /end thread gurdawara rant


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
proud of family values and not so proud of some other things.

not so proud list is probably longer.