What is deadolock ?

What is deadlock?
Boss to secretary: 4 a week v will go abroad 4 a meeting, make arrangements.
secretary calls her husband: i'm going abroad with boss.Plz look after urself.
Husband calls his gf, My wife Z going abroad, so lets b together.

The gf calls her tution student, got some important work so no classes 4 a week....
The kid calls his grandpa(boss)- no tutions bcoz teacher is busy,Lets spend d week together..
grandpa(boss) calls secretary - meeting canceld i'm going 2 spend d week with my grandson.
secretary cals her husband- meeting cancled coming home.
Husband calls his gf-sorry can not meet. wife cancled trip.
Gf calls her student classes as usual.
Kid calls grndpa(boss) sorry have got classes.

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