what do you think about a long distance realtionship?

i am 16 years old and currently in canada and my boyfriend is 22 and in punjab we are crazy in love :cheer
i was wondering what you think about long distant realtionships


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love ... is that ur mother does...
love .. is that ur father does...

or i can say ur parents love u more than any other person... may he can be ur brother or sister..

no one can deliver u the love in 1, 2 or 3 years comparing to your parents doing for u for last 15- 20 years...

or in other words Modern meaning of Love is just attraction .. "there must be a Girl Friend" what a boy thinks ..and the same a girl thinks...


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u wrote "we are crazy in love"
only this line could nt express any thing towards you or to your boy frnd. you are just 16. so...
anyway as jb wrote "Love has no boundaries." its true bt find a pure love is hard nt impossible.
no matter how long the distance is? depand only on pure feeling for each other.
use both very carefully your heart and mind.


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well.. if its long distance then it actually is quite a hard situation and it denies the basic purpose of a relationship
i mean why would i find my better half,,, only because its so impossible to carry on life's track without someone who you know is there always for you
even if you are crazy in love dont do long distance, you just cant be happy exploring your webcam and phone,,,,,it isnt life

there's a simple trick to know whats good for you
anyday in evening when you are calm and relaxed
>> think about the exact moment,,and ask yourself
where are you and what are you doing,do you have absolute trust and believe in your partner and is this something you really want to try
you'll definitely find your answer and the only person that can answer that is you
hope you figure it out whats right and find happiness :):):)

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