Watch | Chinese toddler drives his toy car through rush hour traffic

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This 54 second spine-chilling video will make you want to never let your toddler on the streets again.
In what looks like a scene from the 90s movie Baby’s Day Out, a CCTV traffic camera caught a toddler riding his toy car through the busy streets of Lishui, Zhejiang Province in China, until he was rescued by a police officer.

Traffic police officer Wu Feng was on his way to work when he saw the boy playing with death by riding his toy car on the wrong side of the street. He quickly stopped and prevented what otherwise could have been a catastrophic end.
“It was very dangerous with many big vehicles around him, so without a second thought I rushed to the kid immediately and took him to the side of the road,” Feng told the local media.

You can also see in the video that many drivers passing by observe the boy - but no one tries to come to his rescue.

Vignesh - Indian !! @Vikis_tweet
@ndtv Worst part is nobody is ready to stop the vehicle and safeguard the kid ! What da hell of ppl !!
1:22 PM - 3 Nov 2016

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OMG! Toddler Caught Driving a Toy Car in Busy Traffic OMG! Toddler Caught Driving a Toy Car in Busy Traffic - Newz Telugu … #chinesetoddler #toycar
5:32 PM - 3 Nov 2016

Feng later learned that the boy was separated from his mother, and went on this daredevil ride to find her. However, without any fatality, the boy reunited with his mother safely.