wasda rahe apna punjab te punjab da sabhia chaar


saareyan nu mere walon ssa.....

punjab jaani ki punjaan dareyaavan di dharti..
bhagat ,kartar singh wargey soor veeran di dharti...
maan is karmaa waali dharti te hove v kyon na ...
eh peeran fakeeran ranjhe te heeran di dharti hai..
faniyer naagaan de siireyaan te wasdi dharti hai ...

proud to be a punjabi



Yes- but we all have to be more mature and responsible. This is time when we should come out from tag of THEKA YA THANA'

This is time when we should think seriously about ourselves and parents and coming generation.

1. Electricity Cuts
2. Declining education Std. [ I should not say anything about PTU here ]
3. Toxicity increasing in agro land.
4. Water level going down.
5. Farmers are selling lands to Property dealers.
6. No more free treatment for poor in Civil hospitals. [ It is P. Health Corporation now ]
7. Heavy taxes and tolls....with more and more THEKAS...now every corner.

8. BIHAR / UP Raj. Almost every city is feeling presence of them and many of them are now having ration cards-so they will be voting one day as PUNJABI.

9. Corruption and Job less youth. State govt jobs like education and medical do not exist and if some posts are there in education-please do not ask me what they are getting paid. Youth is jobless- and this makes them more frustrate resulting in drug use and crime+ desire to settle abroad...at any cost.

10. No leadership from youth...no participation in active politics. This as usual has been left for OLD and WHITE. And perhaps this is why when HIMACHAL PRADESH was giving concessions to MNC's...Chandigarh was saying cheers..somwehere...in Europe !


Besides everything- these days we see HEER in mini skirts with hald of her breast out....abd Ranjha has changed his getup. If this is what we are going to handover to coming Gen. then I will definitely feel proud of a Punjabi.
But I am a dreamer....perhaps this is why...can not see Punjabi channels[ except one or two ] with my old mom or relatives.

This race of PSEUDO-MODERNISM is killing us. When we will look down and see...OR
Should we accept this as change of time. I am ready ...but then do not call it SABHYACHAR please !