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veer ji apa tan ehi kehna aa k pehli war is tra hissa lya mai chahe jita chahe haaran jitt apni e honi a kyu k sare yaar beli apne e aa unp is like our family lub ju all


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Good photos :)

some tips:
landscapes have to be taken in landscape not portrait.
Jasmina , the view from a flight is awesome but could have been better if it was in landscape and no multiple reflections were captured. Well done though.

while you capture a subject such as a building make sure yoi capture in a full frame. Framing is very crucial.

landscapes has to be consistent 90% blank sky and 10% land makes the photo very dull.

portraits has to appeal. Some portraits I saw were in landscape mode and some in correct mode but missing details. Portrait means your showing certain object or subject to the viewer. If that doesnt happen it defeats the purpose. For examplr a portrait of a person with lots of things happening in the background will make you look at the background rather than persons facial expression.

Still its very good to see you guys doing an awesome job.

Singh mafia i admire your photo :)
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