Video highlights.. car cruise


Codename 47
Some highlights of the car cruise we went to in Chaser and a skyline .. did some stupid things. oh well who cares *:happy:

Start :

We started off Preston suburb picked up Mr Frank and then straight on the freeway.. and thanks to these guys Mr. Harry and Frank , hopeless people on earth , took us the wrong way..
[ame=]To Macedone
( mind my hindi *:pagel:)

Anyways so on the way back .. Mr. Harry decided to test the speed on the gravel road

[ame=]Toyota Chaser - Codename 47

and then Camera got handed over to Mr. Tay who were making video and thats Frank driving a chaser now

and ya .. of course thats me ....

[ame=]Skyline R33 - Codename 47

pehla hi 120 te se ta bas ek so sattar tak le gaye si apa ! *:happy:

and thats me and friends talkin sh*t

[ame=]Frank harry Rahul Jon Bhanu Anil



Codename 47
hahah funny guys man. i had to cut a lot man .cuz these guys know all indian swearing words.. thats why i was holding my laugh in last video wen he asked.. is this goin to india hahah


hardcore drifter
haha all black, white, Chinese guys at school know Punjabi swearing words. thats all they say to teachers cause they dont know what their saying. post the cut out parts as the joke part. but only put the link.