Values In Relationships


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Do opposites attract? May be! Do similar minds repel? Not necessarily! What is it then that makes a relation age like fine wine? Some would say it is an unknown connection, some would say it an unsaid understanding, some would say all the good adjectives there’re to say, while the rest would claim that it is due to the blessing from above. While it is true that every relation has every bit of what is said above - that is, you don’t know with whom you might connect, you might just look at some person and that person will know how deep your silence goes, and you might consider your relationship to be a blessing - it is possible for us humans to ruin anything, being corruptible that we are. Both Adam and Eve were an eternal blessing to each other, yet that eternity was lost due to carnality. It is for God to grant us that blessing and for us to receive and maintain it. Though God grants and humans receive, it is the maintenance part that seems to be tricky and difficult. Continue reading to know how to value a relationship.

Importance Of Values in Relationships

With Love
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love is the essence of every relationship, be it with your parents, children, spouse, and friends. A loving father always waits for his drifted son to come back to the family, and a loving mother always waits for her daughter to make the right decision regarding life. Parents always deal with our problems with a kind and compassionate, gentle and caring hand instead of a stick, no matter how wrong we have been. A father’s love doesn’t turn into jealousy but feels proud when his own son beats him in a game. A parent or a husband/wife always looks and prays for the comfort and well being of his/her children or his/her partner.

If you don’t believe then answer this - how many times have you lied or done wrongful things? Many! How many times have you been forgiven by your loved ones? All! Such is the endurance of love that doesn’t keep records of any wrongs, but washes them off the memory. Parents always put their children first and husbands always put their wives first, but don’t seek pleasure and comfort for themselves, as love is not self-seeking and instead, looks after the other. Selfless love of our parents and partner has always looked to protect us, has believed in our abilities when no one else did, has always hoped and prayed for our well being, and has always stood ground when all was in the midst of a tempest. And when everything seemed to fall apart, it was the only thing that was with us from the beginning - love.

With Little Things You Do
As the new ad campaign for Vodafone goes – Little things you do, for me, that nobody else, make me feel good – these very little things are the one that make us feel important, needed, and loved. Little things or gestures like – making breakfast for your parents or partner, just spending time with them, doing special things even on ordinary days and turning them into extraordinary, telling them you love them not just with words but in action, being there with them in their tough times and instead of giving much advice and solutions, sharing their pain and touching their wounds by your gentle and tender hand, being silent with them in their moment of despair and letting them know that you are there – can make your relation stronger that’ll stand the test of time and even mend those relations that are in the midst of a blizzard, and breathe life into them.

By Staying Honest and Committed
Being honest doesn’t simply mean being honest with the other person and telling him/her the truth about everything. It, in fact, means staying true to yourself, even when that person is not around. Only when such a position is reached can you actually claim to be true, faithful and committed. Don’t engage yourself in activities that you know will hurt your partner or loved one. Make promise to yourself to work on the things that you know need to be changed. Don’t tell them you smoke, tell them you have in the past and you’ll quit, and then make an effort to quit. Engaged or married, don’t flirt with other people (even if they started it). Stay honest to yourself and your partner, and end the conversation with that person then and there. If a parent, lead by example! Don’t tell your children lies about something that you do or did, so that they don’t start themselves, but make yourself stop doing that thing altogether. Don’t just say the words in vain, mean them, for they have the power to make or break, bend or mend relationships.

Value your relations, not earthly possessions. Only when you do so would you understand the true meaning of life. Live life king size, along with your queen, prince and princess and not with the crown and the gold coins!