US vows to treat students fairly after college scam


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New Delhi/Washington: The United States yesterday assured India of "fair and appropriate treatment" for around 1,500 Indian students affected by the closure of by a sham university in California.

The government said it was committed to protecting them from predatory visa fraud rings.

"We are working closely with the Indian Government on the issue of Tri-Valley University and ensuring the fair and appropriate treatment of Indian students," US ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer said in New Delhi.

Empathising with Indian students who ended up as victims of Tri-Valley University that was shut down, the envoy warned prospective students about the dangers of predatory visa fraud rings and reiterated the United States' commitment "to protect them from committing visa fraud".

Harmful effects

"Visa fraud has universally harmful effects, whether it is committed by Americans or Indians, and can diminish opportunities for other aspiring students," he said.

"It is wrong to fraudulently exploit the hopes and dreams of young students for financial gain and it is important that all prospective students take advantage of the free resources offered to them by the embassy and fully research the academic options available to them."