UNPians I Need Your Support!


Friends I have participated in the 'The Battle War Of The DJ's 2011' Organized by the All India Dj's Club on Facebook and I need Your VOTE and SUPPORT to make it through the next round.

For Voting:
(You need a Facebook Account)
1.Just Click this link -
http://alturl.com/6gcx3 , PRESS ‘LIKE
2.Visit my Image at -
3. Click on ‘LIKE’ for the Image

4. Listen to the MegaMix at - http://snd.sc/qV0Yu3 (Available for download also)

Your one vote is very precious to me. If you are having any queries feel free to buzz me.

Feel It.Share It.Spread It.

Thanks, Much love

p.s- I could not find any other appropriate section for it , Admins/Mods please see to it that people follow this and If possible make it sticky.
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