UNP POLICE - To Protect Users

UNP Police

We are Independent Police Force to protect Users,Moderators,Super Moderators and other members from Exploitation by Admins/Co-Admins or by Mods,Super Mods as the case may be.

Users can file complaint with us if they are being exploited or cheated by Site's Admin or Mods,Super Mods, as the case maybe.

Admin shall respect our Existence as Independent Police.

We will soon update this thread.

UNP Police - To Protect Users!

UNP Police

We Will be soon recruiting Officers for this Forum,Who will maintain peaceful environment.

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UNP Police

I wants to logde a complaint against Dhillon.
Guide me how we can do it .

Feel Free to file complaint against any member or MOD/Super Mod, or Admin/Co-Admin,

You can reply in this thread only or may Private Message.

Kindly also provide link to ID of member against whom complaint is made.