UNP de nagine - Part- III - Inputs

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

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After the grand success of UNP de nagine - Part I & II,

We are going to start working on
"Project of UNP de nagine - Part III"

Please give me the inputs here for yourself or for ur friends..


Deepu : the RAP star
Harman : Helpful banda
sippu : maussi g..

And if any member has any objection on his line given by somebody else,, plz don't fight, just report the post... so that we can reconsider the things :da

Ik request hai plz poetic andaaz ch input naa dyo,, as it will spoil the suspense .. i will mold ur words in poetic manner, u guys need not to worry on the same.. tusi bas mainu one or two word ch input deni aa bande de nature baare.

One more thing,, this time I need
  • A RAP star
  • A female singer
  • A music composer
  • A video maker
So please participate.. yo yo ... :sippi

Start giving your inputs... :)

Something new this time, click below for more info

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