UNP Awards 2015- Results - Vote count

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
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Aah lao g,, results tan ready ho gye....
Is waar voting count last time naalon jyada c :yahoo

Har member nu kujh na kujh den di koshish kitti hai mein,, baaki bhai jis wi bande ne ikk ton jyada award jitte hain, he/she may choose any one of his/her choice... baaki de runner ups nu de ditte jaange

kise nu koi wi doubt/objection hai tan within 2 days dass dao, os ton baad result final ho jana and badge lag jaane

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Arun Bhardwaj

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Most trustworthy :- JB won with 6 Votes and Runner up Sparklez with 5 Votes [sp]i think mere walo counting galt v ho skdi hai is category ch so please wait for official result [/sp]
Most funny :- Dhillon ji Won with 6 Votes and Runner-up Qaswed and Peter with 4 votes each.

Arun Bhardwaj

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Most Ladakki :- Pinky won with 11 votes and runner-up Raavi with 8 votes
UNP Laayi lagg :- Jugraj won with 7 Votes and Runner-up Dhillon with 6 Votes

Arun Bhardwaj

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Most funniest thread starter :- Sid won with 9 Votes and Runnerup Sparkles with 6 Votes
Sau sareef :- @parv won with 21 Votes and Runner-up Raavi with 9 Votes :mad mainu kyun nhi vote mile main :angry