Twitter, Facebook addicts stop sexing

Sat, Mar 20 01:55 PM
New York, Mar 20 (ANI): A new study has found that rabid Internet users update their Facebook or Twitter while they are at dinner, in the middle of having sex, and even after they have gone to bed for the night.
A survey of 1,000 Internet users, conducted by consumer electronics site, found 48 percent admit to checking Twitter and Facebook after they've gone to bed for the night.
Forty-two percent said they check and/or update their social media profiles first thing in the morning. Eight percent of those older than 25 said they do it before they even get out of bed.
And 40 percent of social networkers don't mind being interrupted while they're busy with other activities.
Thirty-two percent said a text was a welcome distraction during a meal, while 7 percent said they'd even stop having sex to glance at an update.
But conversation and romance aren't quite dead yet, with 62 percent of those over age 25 saying they didn't like the interruptions under any circumstances.
Though Internet addiction was left out of recent proposed updates to the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual, the survey authors suggest the habit-forming nature of social media bears a closer look.
"We're not qualified to declare a societal, social media crisis, but when almost half of social media users say they check Facebook or Twitter sometime during the night or when they first wake up, you have to wonder if these people aren't suffering from some sort of addiction to social media," the New York Daily News quoted Andrew Eisner, Retrevo's Director of Community and Content, as stating​