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Madhya Pradesh or Central India is one of the finest tourism destination in India. Ensconced in the center of the country and land locked the large state has impressive forest cover. Known as tiger state of India, the state has much more to offer than tiger safaris.

Green, beautiful and serene this is how the state appears to the tourists thanks to the forests that cover a large part of the state. There has been a rapid development in road infrastructure and accommodation making tourism more viable. The state boasts of finest National Parks, wildlife sanctuaries, hill retreats, pilgrimage centers and monuments temples, forts and places.

The state is rich in ancient history and tell tale monuments with an architecture that bedazzles the visitor. The country's most sacred river Narmada originates in MP and Ujjain, Maheshwar and Jabalpur are most visited pilgrimage centers. Earlier the state had a forest driven economy and relied heavily on minor forest produce for income. MP is now well industrialized with main commercial hub being Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur.

Tourist Safari Destinations

Pachmarhi Hill Retreat: The rugged hilly terrain is in stark contrasts to the plain below. Undisturbed, unscathed and inviolate it is the post pristine eco belt in India. Rabid urbanization and expanding humanity has not affected the retreat. Pachmarhi is among few hill stations that have not been taken over by marauding colonizers. This is where Capt James Forsyth set foot and went on pen down his experiences in his book on Highlands of Central India.

Dazzling waterfalls, esoteric springs, serene pools; densely forested hills and valleys, ancient caves, and temples are enchanting ingredients of this picturesque hill retreat. Pachmarhi is a sanctuary to rare wildlife and amazing birds.

Satpura Tiger Reserve: On climb up the Matkuli Ghat resides Satpura Tiger Reserve a large National Parks home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and Central Indian mammals. Less seen, less known Satpura National Park along with Pachmarhi and Bori sanctuary holds lot of surprises. The wildlife and birds have yet to be properly check listed in this inaccessible and unexplored paradise.

Kanha Tiger Reserve: Well known and popular tiger heaven the National Park is home to rare swamp deer adopted for hard ground survival. Best place to see the tiger in the wild there resides large number of deer, carnivores and herbivores. The park is populated by impressive number of bird species and reptiles.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve: Picturesque and enchanting this tiger haven surpasses all in terms of tiger sightings in the wilderness. The undulating terrain is dotted with a number of hillocks that accord Bandhavgarh with characteristic grace and charm. On park safari history unfolds ancient civilizations that found relief in the deep confines of Vindhya Hills. Tiger rules over the forests, hills and valleys, marshy grasslands and riverside habitats. The majestic Bandhavgarh Fort though in ruins glorifies the little paradise. Shesh Shaiyya is fairy tale abode of Lord Vishnu. The scattered remains, temples, caves, stables and zoomorphic idols of Lord Vishnu enthrall tourists on wild safaris.

Pench Tiger Reserve: Kipling Country land of the tiger and Mowgli the wolf child. The enchanting characters in this famous intrigue are right in their homes at Pench. Sher Khan, Baloo, Kaa, Bagheera, Colonel Haathi and the wolf pack now are targeted sightings for tourists on wildlife safaris in the preserve. Pench offers exciting sightings of Indian wolf, leopard, wild dog, bison and sloth bear besides the Bengal Tigers. Bird Life at Pench is worth a trip.

Panna National Park

About forty five km from Khajuraho Temples the park boasts of amazing Central Indian wildlife and fresh water crocodiles at Ken River Sanctuary nearby. It was once a good place to see tigers but the tigers have been poached to extinction. Tiger relocation program has been inducted and few tigers relocated from other reserves. Nevertheless Panna is good place for wildlife watching and birding in MP.

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary: The lesser known preserve differs with Kanha and Bandhavgarh in terms of habitat. Less seen animals of Central India are prominent in picture here. Indian wolf, chinkara, blue bull and common animals like sambar, spotted deer, wild boars and Hanuman Langurs can be seen in the sanctuary. Noradehi is the most promising WLS in India for birding. Rare bird like Grey creeper make this sanctuary its home. Noradehi offer both forest and wetland bird sightings. Find more information on Birding tour at Nauradehi WLS.

MP has large number of protected areas which are less visited and less known. Some of them are Sanjay National Park, Rani Durgavati, Sardarpur, Sailana, Ralamandal, Orchha, Gangau, Bagdara, Rata Pani, Panpatha, Karera, Phen, Ghatigaon, Gandhisagar, Karera, Ken Ghariyal, Kheoni, Narsinghgarh, Chambal, Kuno Palpur and Son Ghariyal.

The state can best be visited on MP tourism packages that are organized by many tour operators. Most of the packages cover popular wildlife tourism destinations besides sightseeing. Tour packages are also available for pilgrimages and monuments of Central India.

Best season for touring Madhya Pradesh is winters. But journeys can be made during summers by those who can bear the heat. The month of November, December and January can be extremely cold.

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