Top 9 Longest Rivers in the World


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Here’s the list of longest river i the world. As we know river is one of the important part of human civilizations. Without any river there’s no farming that can give all the people food. River also become one of the most important transportation mean by using boat or ship that can be used on the river and go to other area. So here’s the longest river in the world

9. Amur River :Russia and China : 4444 Km

Amur River or Heilong Jiang (Tionghoa language), or sahaliyan Ula (Manchu) is the 9th longest river in the world, forms the border between the Far East Russia with the North East part of China.
Amur River is the symbol and important geopolitical factor in the Chinese-Russian relations. Amur is very important in the period of the Sino-Soviet split in the 1960s.

8. Congo River

Congo River (also known as Zaire River) is the largest river in the western part of Central Africa. This river has a length of about 4700 km, making it the second largest river in Africa (after the Nile). It flows through the world’s largest rain forest after Amazon. The name comes from the Kingdom of the Congo. From 1971 until 1997, the government called it Zaire River.

7. Ob – Irtysh River: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia : 5,410 Km

This long river can be divided into Ob River and The Irtysh is the major tributary of the Ob. There’re several other tributaries for Ob. The water in the Ob was polluted because of the poison from the Russian weapon research and production.

6. Yellow River /Hwang Ho: China : 5464 Km

Yellow River (Huanghe or Hwangho) is an important river in North China which became the center of Chinese culture together with the Long River (Yangtze) in the south. With a length of 5464 kilometers, the river is the second longest river in China after the Long River (Yangtze).

5. Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider: Russia and Mongolia : 5539 Km
Yenisei also written as Yenisey, is the greatest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean. Rising in Mongolia, it follows a northerly course to the Yenisei Gulf in the Kara Sea, draining a large part of central Siberia, the longest stream following the Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider.

4. Mississippi – Missouri River: United States: 6275 Km

Mississippi River is a river in the U.S.. It is one of the longest river in the world and is the second longest river in America. Has a length of 3.734 km for its main river but will be 6275 Km if It’s measured in long range from tributary river of Missouri. It’s originated in Lake Itasca in Minnesota and culminate in the Gulf of Mexico. The name “Mississippi” comes from a Native American language meaning “father of waters.”

Mississippi’s spring is in the state of Minnesota, near the border with Canada. Mississippi flowing to the south across the central U.S.. Flowing through the state of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

3. Yangtze River / Chang Jiang: China: 6300 Km

Yangtze River (pinyin: Changjiang, English: Long River or the Yangtze River) is the longest river in China and Asia. Long River is the third-longest river in the world. This river become the southern boundary of the ancient culture of China which is located between the Yellow River in the north and Long River in the south.

This river is known as the Yangtze River (pinyin: Yangzi) because of the misunderstanding of the missionaries at first. Yangtze River only refers to the length of the river downstream, but because this is the first heard by the Western, Yangtze is used to represent the entire Long River.

2. Amazon River: South America: 6400 km

The Amazon River (Portuguese: Rio Amazonas; Spanish: Río Amazonas) of South America is the largest river in the world with a total river flow greater than the next ten largest rivers combined. The Amazon, which has the largest drainage basin in the world, accounts for approximately one-fifth of the world’s total river flow. In its upper stretches the Amazon river is called Apurímac (in Peru) and Solimões (in Brazil).
During the wet season, parts of the Amazon exceed 190 kilometres (120 mi) in width. Because of its vast dimensions, it is sometimes called The River Sea. At no point is the Amazon crossed by bridges. This is not because of its huge dimensions; in fact, for most of its length, the Amazon’s width is well within the capability of modern engineers to bridge. However, the bulk of the river flows through tropical rainforest, where there are few roads and even fewer cities, so there is no need for crossings.
While the Amazon is the largest river in the world by most measures, the current consensus within the geographic community holds that the Amazon is the second longest river, just slightly shorter than the Nile.

1. Nile River: Africa: 6650 Km
Nile River in Africa, is one of the two longest rivers on Earth. Nile River flows along the 6650 km or 4132 miles and flow through nine countries: Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and of course Egypt. Because the Nile has the important meaning in Egyptian history (especially ancient Egypt). The Nile has a very important role in the civilization, life and history of the Egyptians since thousands of years ago. One important role from the Nile is the ability to produce fertile soil as a result of sedimentation along the river basin. By the existence of this fertile soil make the inhabitants of Egypt can develop the farm and the Egyptian civilization developed since thousands of years ago.



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