Today in Indian History 1st August


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Today in Indian History 1st August

1-August-1672 The East India Company and the English law was for the first time intorduced in India. It was set up as directed by the Court of Judicature.
1-August-1846 Dwarkanath Tagore, a Hindu philanthropist, died in London.
1-August-1879 Achyut Balwant Kolhatkar, famous litterateur and journalist, was born.
1-August-1882 Purushottamdas Tandon, great leader and editor, was born at Allahabad (U.P.)
1-August-1899 Kamala Nehru, wife of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, great revolutionary freedom fighter and social worker, was born.
1-August-1905 Horse drawn tram cars were closed down in Bombay. This service was started on May 9, 1874 with 20 tram cars and 200 horses. The very first day of its run, the number of passengers carried was 451 and the amount earned was Rs. 85/- on the last day it had 1360 horses and carried 71,947 passengers and earned Rs.4,260/.
1-August-1916 Mrs. Annie Besant in cooperation with Bal Gangadhar Tilak started the Home Rule League Movement with Dadabhai Naoroji as its President.
1-August-1920 Bipin Chandra Pal opposed to the Non Co-operation Movement and retired from politics, but movement was approved by Congress.
1-August-1920 Under the leadership of Gandhi, the non-cooperation movement was launched against Lord Chelmsford. ""Firmness in truth,"" was his strategy of noncooperation and non-violence against India's Christian British rulers. Later, he resolved to wear only 'dhoti' to preserve homespun cotton and simplicity, followed with grassroots agitation. This began with renunciation of honorary titles like 'Sir' given by the British. Thereafter, it was followed by the boycott of legislatures, elections and other Government works. Foreign clothes were burnt and Khadi became a symbol of freedom. The movement was a great success despite firing and arrests. By the end of 1921, all important national leaders, except Gandhi, were in jail, along with 3000 others. However, in February 1922, at Chaurichaura, Uttar Pradesh, violence erupted and Gandhi called off the movement.
1-August-1920 Bal Gangadhar Tilak, British-Indian Hindu leader, died at Bombay.
1-August-1920 Kirloskar, monthly magzine, was published.
1-August-1920 Gandhiji addresses letter to Viceroy surrendering ""Kaisar-E-Hind"" Medal, ""Zulu War"" Medal and ""Boer War"" Medal and launched the All India Non-Violent Non-Coperation
1-August-1922 Ratilal Sankalchand Nayak, educationist and writer, was born at Kadi, Gujarat .
1-August-1927 Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza, famous Hindi litterateur, was born.
1-August-1931 Bhairabh Ganguly, cricket test umpire for 5 tests from 1981-85, was born at Bengal.
1-August-1932 Meena Kumari, film actress, was born.
1-August-1939 Bombay begins Prohibition, first since U.S. law was repealed.
1-August-1947 Partition of India into India and Pakistan. Power transferred. Lord Mountbatten becomes Governor General of India and Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Governor General of Pakistan.
1-August-1952 Nationalised Airways at Safdarjung, New Delhi inaugurated by Nehru.
1-August-1952 Yajurvindra Singh Jaswant Singh, cricketer (Indian batsman four Tests 1977-79), was born in Rajkot.
1-August-1953 All Private Airlines were nationalised by establishing of All Airlines India International.
1-August-1953 Bombay Government decides to abolish ''jagirs'' in merged areas.
1-August-1955 Arun Lal, cricketer (Indian batsman in sixteen Tests 1982-89), was born in Moradabad, U.P. - - - (Birth place Moradabad or Delhi).
1-August-1957 M. K. Vellodi was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 04-06-1958
1-August-1957 National Book Trust inaugurated.
1-August-1958 Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership given to Acharya Bhave.
1-August-1962 Establishment of Maharashtra State Industrial Development Corporation.
1-August-1963 Soviets offer India arms to block China.
1-August-1964 Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh, Padma Vibhushan, DFC. became the Air Officer Commanding, India Command. He was in this office till 15/07/1969.

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