Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S


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After using Galaxy S for 2 weeks I found a lot of useful hidden features. While they are not big and crucial things but I sure that they will give you much convenience in many ways. It is only first 10 tips of all the features I found. We will keep posting helpful things to support Galaxy S users.

1. Simple & quick soft reset

Do you pull out battery to commit soft reset? Here is a simple way, press volume up key and power button together for 5 secs. It will turn off and on automatically.

2. Quick search box

Long press menu button, quick search box would come out instantly. While AT&T Captivate, Verizon Fascinate, T-mobile Vibrant doesn’t have designated search button on the bottom part. It would be a useful tip for Vibrant users.

Additionally, it searches not only internet, but contact, and application you install at the same time.


3. Task switcher

Long press home button, task switcher comes out and then you may choose an application you want to go back.


4. Swipe to call or message

It is one of the best features I like. You can swipe a contact to right to call or to left to send message. It is pretty addictive. (How to call or message by one swipe on a contact on Samsung Galaxy S)


5. Engineering Calculator

Galaxy S has very big and simple calculator but if you rotate horizontally, it will change to engineering calculator.


6. Music player

It is the one of the best music players ever. If you rotate it horizontally, it shows different way to sort and search songs.

You are able to control player with the home button while the screen is locked.


7. Shortcut for Bluetooth, Wifi setting

If you like to use Bluetooth, or Wifi frequently, this tip would be very helpful. You can set the Bluetooth setting shortcut on the homescreen by long pressing on the home and choosing shortcut.


8. Using the massive phone storage as a thumb drive.

Galaxy S offer you 16GB internal memory which you can use as a external drive.

Setting > Applications > Development > check ‘ USB debugging’ and then hook up the device and PC with cable. Press ‘Mount’ to connect the device to PC. Then you may find that the internal SD is recognized as Removable Disk (I:) while micro SD is (H:)


9. Uninstalling applications

You can uninstall applications by simply choosing icons (like iPhone) on the Customized Grid view instead of doing that at setting menu. Press menu at the applications screen and make sure if it is ‘Customized Gird’ at view type.

Press Edit and choose applications you desire to take away. You can customize even the 4 icons(Call, Email, Browser, Applications) on the bottom.



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10. Editing home pages

Besides editing widgets on the seven home pages, you may add, delete and move the pages.


11. How to lock camera screen

If you press power button while camera is running, the touch screen is locked to prevent unintentional manipulation or re-loading time.

This feature is useful for the touch sensitive camera phone. You can toggle by power button and use the back key to close the camera program.


12. Sending call reject message

If you cannot receive a call because of meeting or driving, you can gently reject the call and send a message why you couldn’t get the phone.

When you get a call, you can scroll up from the bottom and select a reject message.


13. Opening new window while you are in the Internet browser.

While you are surfing the web, you can open a new window or bookmark by pressing and holding a link.


14. Searching Youtube video at Samsung Music player

While you are listen music with the music player, perform long press the title of music. You will seeyou are able to search the music in the Youtube or internet by one click. You can easily find music video in the Youtube.

15. Turning on 5.1 ch sound

To listen music in 5.1ch, you should turn on by pressing 5.1ch button. You may distinguish the sound difference even through ordinary headset.

16. Changing screen brightness by swiping notification bar.

If you set the brightness control as manual setting, you can control the brightness by swiping notification bar.


17. Shortcut contact

You can make a short cut of your favorite contact on the home page. You can instantly access the contact at the home screen.

Long press on homepage > Shortcut > contact > select a contact


18. Cleaning up google contacts

Are you annoying with contacts because all the google contacts synced to the device? You can display only contacts that have phone numbers. The contacts from google not having phone number won’t been shown anymore. (It’s very important tip!!)


19. Changing input method

You’d like to use SWYPE as your default input method? You can change input method by long pressat any input window.

Setting > Locale and text > set default keyboard > Choose keyboard you want


20. Pressing profile photo at contact to use shortcut feature to call, SMS, email, Gtalk, and get direction.