Tiny Texas Instruments pico projector requires one USB cable


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Pico projectors hold the promise of very large screens from very small gadgets. While getting them integrated into smartphones is still a few years away, actual pico projector units are getting better, and smaller all the time.
At the Mobile World Congress this week Texas Instruments is showing off its latest portable pico unit. As you can see from the image above, the device is almost as small as a smartphone making it very easy to carry around in a pocket.
The best feature has to be the fact it only requires one USB cable. Through that connection it gets all the power it needs while allowing data transfer from a connected device such as a laptop. It’s capable of producing 20 lumens and a range of resolutions. While TI may decide to release the device under its own name, other manufacturers can pick it up to as a base to build on. That means we may see it in branded form later this year from a number of different vendors.
Are pico projectors set to be the next fad just like portable HD cameras were when the Flip originally got released? Among business users regularly needing to do presentations I think they certainly will be.