Time For A New Beginning


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When you live life it must be rough, that's when you must get tough.
But when you flow through your daily dilemmas, you got to give yourself time to think, should you make a new beginning. This is something only time can tell. You might not always show how you feel about emotions it is one thing love may show. But when things go terrible wrong that is when time has shown and God is telling you that it is time to start a new afterlife in a new way instead of the old. As the thought comes through you must be strong and think things through, as do all the angels that think it is true. So if it is goodbye you just have to cry , but you have to give it a try to tell if it is the real meaning of what lies beneath all of your life. In the end it shall be all be true as to all that do, then all the message shall come true, that is the true meaning of life and love. But all as well shall end well as for something that is not to be set on sail. Eventually, you will seek revenge for what is lost and much more that is to tell, but it will take time to heal everything that was forgotten. If it all end up queer hell shall be to blame, as heaven shall be there to try and fix all the broken dreams and all of the shame that has came. That is when the omen has shone. This is what separates the joy of life from the failure of love. As you go on you live and you learn. Eventually you will find out life is very precious in your own special way.