This Delhi man is the first Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed. Yes, you read that right

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In a first, a man from Delhi has gotten his eyeballs tattooed. Tattoographer Karan, as he calls himself, is the first Indian to have both his eyeballs tattooed.
28-year-old Karan, who is a tattoo artist himself, owns his own studio in the national capital. He has shared several pictures and videos of himself and his “new eyes” on social media.

Karan describes himself as “the one in 1.3 billion Indians, the first Indian ever to have the eyeballs permanently tattooed, the first person to have a proper full body suit one piece black work style tattoo, the tattoo artist possessing and creating elite level art work with an experience and expertise of multiple countries and over a decade.”

Karan has also put out a disclaimer for tattoo enthusiasts, after a similar procedure in Canada went horribly wrong, making a person who was trying to get her eyeballs tattooed partially blind.


“I got my work done from the one and only man on the planet who invented eyeball tattooing ten years back,” Karan shares. He shows his coloured eyeball and says, “there is no swelling or anything of that sort.”