This beautiful 'veggie seller' from Nepal replaces Pakistan's 'Chaiwala' : View Pics

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This beautiful 'veggie seller' from Nepal replaces Pakistan's 'Chaiwala' : View Pics


A young ‘tarkariwali’ from Nepal is now becoming an internet sensation after the photos of hot and handsome ‘chaiwala’ from Pakistan had been the talk of the town on social media recently.

This girl carrying vegetables on her back is being appreciated for her beauty and hard work as well. She is in the row of simple yet gorgeous vegetable seller in Nepal. She’s been looked as an inspirational figure among netizens who are lauding her for choosing this profession.

This is being viral : Here comes beautiful tarkariwali from Nepal <3 <3 <3 #GorkhaDhadingArea #Tarkariwali #Inspiration

The photographs originally were posted by Rupchandra Maharjan, a resident of Nepal. He clicked her in the Gorkha Dhanda area and now the girl has made it to the trends with a hashtag of #inspiration.




There are posts about her which captions, ”the beautiful tarkariwali, an inspiration’.

The identity of the girl has not been disclosed yet and we have not been able to independently verify the claims of Maharjan.

A few days back Arshad Khan, who works at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar, shot to fame for his good looks. He got a photoshoot done but insisted on following his profession of selling teas. Look at him yourself :