The River with Rainbow

In this digital age an artist’s creativity can be unfolded via plenty
of image editing / illustrating softwares where some biggies like
Photoshop stand out. There is absolutely no lack of artificial sceneries too.
But compared to the sheer versatility and prowess of the ultimate artist,
the Mother Nature, these artificial beauties often fall short. The example
of ‘Caño Cristales’ is more than enough to justify this time-tested fact.

Located in Serrania de la Macarena in the South American country

Columbia, River Caño Cristales is now far & wide famous for its peculiar
geographical wonder. Not its size or location but the amazingly colored
underwater world.

In between Columbia’s major seasons, wet season and dry season, for

a brief period when the climate becomes ideal for plants and waters alike,
one can witness the astounding artistic skills of nature at some very
remote locations of Caño Cristales.

This river is a haven for innumerable multi-colored algae and moss.

When the climate is optimal and waters are crystal clear these underwater
plants bloom to the fullest; displaying a wide range of colours resembling
the shades in VIBGYOR.

Call these RGB (red, green, blue) or CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

palette shades with due respect to the digital age, but it seems even the
term ‘colorful’ doesn’t adequately describe the real feeling of this

Set in a serene environment well away from the urban life, reaching the

location of River Caño Cristales from La Macarena town is itself an
experience… well isolated from roads, it requires a delightful couple of
hour’s walk that any adventurer will cherish. Considering the importance
of this region, the state government has organized guided trekking tours
from La Macarena to Caño Cristales.

The silence of nature, soothing sounds of waters, dazzling display of

colours where it seems the rainbow is flowing… by getting absorbed in
this rejuvenating atmosphere, what more that a nature-lover could ask for!

This colourful river region is normally off the limit for visitor after

November, when the fry season steals away the river’s charm. But still
a few get dragged to this beckoning location – perhaps the irresistible
nature’s call