The new workhorse aesthetic


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For years Apple Macs have been touted as slim and trendy machines while their PC counterparts have been painted as bulky, boring ones. Of course, advertising is almost always an exaggeration, but it did highlight an important point — that PC makers did not give due attention to aesthetics. Every now and then, an exception does come up and the Samsung Series 9 is definitely one of them.

The black body of the Series 9 oozes sophistication. There isn't a lot happening on the design front, and this is a good thing; it derives its beauty from simplicity. With an extremely slim form factor, the machine weighs 1.3kg and is only 1.6cm at its thickest point. Both these numbers are to be key selling point. On the left side of the machine is the "panel" which, when lowered, reveals a USB port, mini HDMI adaptor and a port for the Ether net adaptor. The right side features another USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro SD card slot. The Series 9 won't leave you hanging for connectivity, unlike that other machine we won't mention.

Open the lid and you reveal the beautiful chiclet-style keyboard and the large touchpad. Typing was a pleasure on the keyboard with the keys well placed and a good sense of feedback on hitting the keys. The touchpad is spacious and supports multitouch actions.

The screen on the Series 9 is another feather in its cap, at least for the most part. The 13.3-inch matte display features the SuperBright Plus technology found on its other screens, which results in a bright and crisp display. It offers a screen real estate of 1366x768 pixels; while this is by no means "low" in terms of resolution, we are starting to see displays of higher resolution in the same screen size.

The Series 9 may be just 1.3kg, but it is no lightweight in terms of performance. It features Core i5 processors and 4GB of RAM to get through almost everything. You won't be gaming on this machine but everything else including full HD videos and Skype video calling worked perfectly.

Of course, playing those HD videos will take a toll on your battery. The Series 9 does feature a six-cell battery that will last for about five hours or so, depending on your usage.

The Samsung Series 9 is, by all means, an excellent laptop. Light in weight and slim in design without any compromises in performance. Despite my nitpicking on the screen, it is still not a deal breaker — not by a long shot. What may keep this from flying off the shelves is the price; at Dh6,999 the Series 9 is placed out of reach for most users, even those who usually have deep pockets for technology. The machine will be reserved for a niche market — for those who can place value for the portability it offers. The rest may just have to settle for a little more chunk.

Bhavishya Kanjhan is a digital marketing professional and an early adopter of all things digital. Follow his tweets on @bhavishya