The meaning of life | muslim spoken word


1.) countries where anti women sex alcohal ....laws exist ....suffer far more than the ones where they are nor...canada and australia are supreme elegant examples ...and afghanistan ..syria...somalia...saudi ...are on the other side
2.) qayamat as predicted by prophet should have happend in 14th century(yeah now every year is 10 yeas ) .... please dont tell me no contradictions
3.) and exactly stop being the part of flow or any thing thaught you in life yourself and follow it
4.) if allah is everywhr...then i dont need to face in one freaking direction to pray coz..he is everywhr....not in stone...not in some city
last but not least
mitti musalmaan ki ..perre payi ghumeyaar
var bansha nahi koe....mohe dharam yudh ka chae ~ patshai 10


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Koi punjabi cha das dao ah 22 ki khenda. Hath tyt aa angreji cha!!!!!
Jor taan kulwinder dhillon vangu lai janda
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