The best and worst airports for sleeping rough


ChArDi KaLaN
A recent survey of over 6,000 travellers by travel website The Guide to Sleeping in Airports has come up with suggestions on which of the world’s airport terminals are the 10 worst and best to sleep rough in. Dirty floors, unclean and overcrowded bathrooms, bird droppings and biting insects were among the biggest complaints of the passengers who took part in the poll.
Charles de Gaulle Airport was voted the absolute worst, followed by Sheremetyevo in Moscow, which one traveller called “hell on earth”. In the third and fourth spots were JFK and LAX, while India’s Delhi airport rounded off the top five worst airports for an impromptu ‘floor and breakfast’.
At the other end of the scale, Singapore’s Changi was rated the cleanest and most comfortable airport to sleep in, followed by Seoul’s Incheon and Amsterdam’s Schiphol. Oslo’s Gardermoen and Hong Kong Airport rounded off the top five best, which travellers loved for the amenities, friendly staff and comfortable seating.
Donna McSherry, who founded the website in 1996, said, “Sleeping in airports is no longer just for the young budget traveller looking to save money. People of all ages and vocations can now be seen stretched out on airport floors all around the world, whether they are there because of a long transit, flight delay or voluntarily to save money.”