~ The Alok Nath Thread ~


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Kadak Aloknath Jokes All New...

1): Alok Nath is so so sanskari that he changes his underwear by closing his eyes.

2): What Is The Full Form Of ALOK ... A LOT OF KANYADAAN'S ...

3): Alok Nath got a dog..and he barks "Bowji"

4): ALOK NATH's favaourite cricket player...HAR 'BHAJAN' SINGH... :D :D

5): Normally a child's first word is Maa. Alok Nath's first word was 'Beti'!! Maa shocked! Alok Nath rocked!

6): Aloknath says...I don't always go to concert...But when I go, I rock Mata Ki Chowki!

7): ..withheld..

8): Bahu: I am going to supermarket Aloknath: Take my sanskaar. Bahu: Ab baas bhi karo. Aloknath: Arre I mean my son's car.

9): Alok Nath is so sanskari that God's wives keep a fast for him, aloka chauth!


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Once Alok Nath was returning from a Kanyadaan ceremony in a BEST bus. As he was too tired to stand, he looked for a seat but didn't get any. However he got one with the help of the bus conductor. Alok gave ASHIRVAAD to him, today we know that conductor as RAJNIKANT..??????