Take an e-rick ride in delhi

New Delhi, June 18 -- In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, there are many things that the Delhi government has planned, and they are being implemented, too. One such ambitious scheme is the introduction of E-rickshaws, or battery-operated rickshaws. The men riding these will not be called rickshaw-wallas but drivers. They will be specially trained not only to speak English but also to take tourists around the city's popular tourist destinations.
"I think it's a great initiative. I have seen a picture of an E-Rick online. They look amazing. I'm eagerly waiting for their launch," says Harshita Sethi, a student. "It should have been implemented long before, but it's never too late. However, we will expect the concerned authorities to do some homework. The rickshaws should not worsen the deplorable traffic situation otherwise the initiative will not be effective enough," says Alok Mishra, who works in a private firm. The highlight of these rickshaws is that they are GPS-(global positioning system) enabled for easy monitoring. "These E-ricks, hopefully, will be faster and easier to drive as compared to the existing rickshaws, apart from being environmental friendly. But I don't think we require GPS. After all, they will be confined to a small area," says Saurabh Puri, a product manager