Punjab News ‘stone crushers responsible for floods’


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Nangal July 1:

The residents of Khera Kalmot village in Nangal have approached the administration alleging the stone crushers in their village were responsible for floods, which were never seen there in last 100 years.

A delegation led by sarpanch Jograj submitted a complaint to the tehsildar holding stone crushing units around the village responsible for floods. The villagers said there are three stone crushers in the village, while several others dot the link road leading to the village.

“The crushers have knocked down high mountains for their use, thereby levelling the land. This has changed the flow of water towards the village. Earlier, water skirted around the village and merged into Swan rivulet. Now it enters into the households,” the villagers said. They alleged that their crops are also affected. In last few days, heavy rains in the hilly area have resulted in flooding of the houses.

Many of the families have been living here for past 100 years and this is the first time when rain water has entered into their houses. They have appealed Chief Minister that measures be immediately taken to stop further stone crushing in area as well as to stop water from flowing into the village. Most of the mountains, which do not fall under Section 4, Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLA), are privately-owned. In a bid to earn fast bucks, the owners sell these to stone crushing units.

“Since the government has no control over this transaction, it has led to problem of mountains being turned into rubble of stones. Everyone knows about the problem, but from the district administration to the Punjab Pollution Control Board, all have turned Nelson’s eye,” rued the villagers. SDM Lakhmir Singh said that he would look into the issue.