Star Wives Who Desperately Need a Stylist


Rampuriya !!
Star wives have a great responsibility thrust upon them. They need to look as wonderful as their better halves. Even if they are not beautiful, their fashion sense must be perfect. Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri, is now a mother of two but manages to look like a super model. Susanne Khan, Hrithik’s wife, looks spectacular whenever she is spotted by the paparazzi.

But not every star is blessed with a glamorous wife; some are blessed with over glamorous wives while some have completely deglamorized ones. Here’s a look at the top ten worst dressed star wives whose looks and fashion sense cry for help.

Sunita Ahuja

She claims the top position when it comes to over the top (OTT) dressing and pathetic public appearances. Meet Sunita Ahuja who is Govinda’s real life ‘Partner’. She attends events and parties dressed up like the women in the soap operas on television. Bright and gaudy colored sarees, usually the very shiny ones teemed with heavy gothic makeup and heavy jewelry; that is definitely the Sunita Ahuja style mantra. It is true her husband used to sport orange shirts with yellow trousers once upon a time and gained enough popularity for that, but even Govinda has mellowed down on colors over the years. Isn’t it about time that his wife took the clue ?

Avantika Malik

When the media got to know about Avantika, she was only Imraan’s girlfriend. Even then, the media did not stop chattering about how short she was compared to Imraan. After their marriage, the media still continues and this time its not only about her height but also about her fashion sense. She has always been spotted wearing unflattering clothes which make her look all the more short and chubby. She tries to stay ‘in’ with the latest trends in fashion but forgets the biggest fashion rule; you should only wear what suits your body type and makes you look good. Malik should even do something about her makeup which makes her look pale and dull all the time.

Aishwarya Rai

She might be the one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but her fashion sense just doesn’t harmonize with her beauty. When she was single, her Cannes visits gathered unpleasant reviews about her ensembles. In 2003, her second visit to the Cannes, she sported a corset top with a bright pink Neeta Lulla Lehenga. It was a disaster. After marriage, it was no better. She visited the Cannes with her family and proved a disaster yet again. Somehow, her cleavage baring dresses fail miserably to attract the fashion critics in the positive way. Although she does manage to look good when it comes to Indian outfits, especially the sari.

Jaya Bacchhan

Her outfits are as boring as her appearance. We respect the fact that she is the oldest star wife in this list, but being old does not stop you from looking good. Being the wife of Amitabh Bacchan, she should take a closer look at herself in the mirror before leaving for public events. Her husband is dressed up like a classy gentleman and she looks like as if taking a break from her daily chores.

Kiran Rao

Does being intellectual mean you need to dress up like a geek in high school? Nerd glasses, boring kurtis and a very irritating maggi noodle hairstyle. Kiran Rao definitely needs a style guru. She has been spotted wearing the ugliest of outfits with the recent one being at the KJo birthday bash. Being Amir Khan’s better half, who is known for being a perfectionist, Kiran Rao should try outfits that could make her look more human.