sorry for what i did. Thankx for being ma jaan. Self written


Ik GumNaaM ShaYaR
sorry 4 what i said.
Sorry 4 what i did.
Sorry 4 what u think.
Sorry 4 what i can't say
sorry 4 make u think i don't trust
Sorry 4 every time hurt u
sorry 4 to be so close of u.
Sorry 4 lot of craze of u.
sorry 4 loving u lyk mad.
Sorry 4 being alwaz sad.
Sorry dear i can't be perfect.
Ma love iz true n holly
plz don't neglect it. .
Thanks 4 love mee d most.
Thanks 4 being so close
thanks 4 treat mee like child.
Thanks 4 making me human frm
Thanks 4 ur love n care.
Thanks 4 ur all ur life's share
Thanks 4 that wounderfull day.
Thanks 4 make that day in
awesome day.
thanks 4 make mee feel so
Thanks 4 being maa jaan official.
Writter-- ''ash'haaz''