Sony to donate 300 million Yen to Japanese relief efforts


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Today Sony announced that they would be donating 300 million Yen ($3,670,000 / £2,270,000)to help the relief efforts in Japan after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake has left the country devastated. Furthermore Sony will start a disaster relief fund and will collect donations from employees worldwide. Any donations will be matched by Sony through a matching gifts program.

They will also be donating some of their tech. 30,000 Sony radios will be donated to help communications between relief workers as well as considering further donations depending on the community needs.

Sony’s Chairman, CEO and President also released this small statement:

“In times like these, we are reminded of how important and fragile we are and of the positive impact we can have – both as individuals and, collectively, as a Company – to assist those in need. We will continue to make the utmost effort to help the swift recovery of the affected communities in the region.”

An extremely positive and compassionate move from Sony and one I applaud.
Re: Sony to donate 300 million Yen to Japanese relief effort

Nothing but attention seeking move.....

same company that planted rootkits in cd's and would sue you if you jailbreak your ps3.


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Re: Sony to donate 300 million Yen to Japanese relief effort

At times of such natural calamity, many companies come forward to help by donating money to charities like Red Cross etc.
My company Brocade, has asked all the employees (5000) to donate for this cause and they will match dollar with dollar to make this donation double.

It is a principle of Industrial psychology, payback to the society. What could be more valuable time then this disaster.