Shweta Tiwari’s love affair out in open - Bigg Boss


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We all know that Shweta Tiwari’s marriage with Raja Choudhary is over. But what wasn’t known was that she has found love again - this time with television actor Abhinav Kohli.

Apparently, Shweta and Abhinav have been dating for more than a year now. From what we learn, the two first got friendly while working together in the telly serial Jaane Kya Baat Hui. Shweta’s married life was in doldrums those days and Abhinav’s soothing presence helped calm her nerves.

However, to avoid rumours of a link-up the two even took a break from each other. But separation only increased their attraction towards each other, as a source is quoted to have said.

Finally, they began seeing each other but kept the relationship under wraps, though the media obvious got the whiff of it. Now finally, Abhinav has dared to confess that he and Shweta are in a relationship.

“Shweta and I love each other. It’s been a year-and-half now. We are going very strong,” he is quoted as saying by a tabloid.

Shweta is presently in the Bigg Boss house and therefore don’t know of Abhinav’s confession. But the buzz is that she will marry Abhinav as soon as the legal process of her separation from Raja is over.