Shivsena calls for MAHARASHRA BANDH


Mumbai  Stepping up its offensive on Malegaon blast probe issue, Shiv Sena on Wednesday called a 'Maharashtra bandh' on December 1 accusing the UPA government of hatching a 'conspiracy to malign Hindus' and protesting alleged custodial torture of accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh.

"Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has given the call for statewide bandh on December 1 to show the might of Hindus to the government", Sena MP Sanjay Raut said.

"Hindus will have to show their power to the government which is engaged in a systematic campaign to malign them", Raut said.

Asked if any other party had supported the bandh call, Raut said, "We have not asked others. We are not bothered about repercussions of the bandh call".

The Sena has on several occasions in the past few days, raised concerns over the manner in which Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is probing the blast case.


-- Kem da Gui --
shiva sena people said.. that the accused, the so called sadhvi is being treated just like DRAUPADI in mahabharath.. rofl rofl rofl

naa koi puche.. draupadi bomb blast karandi firdi si yaa bande maraundi firdi c ke u guys comparing here with that sadhvi :talli


nd right now on CNN-IBN with Rajdeep Sardesai, The Shiv sena and BJP intend on going thru with this ******** bandh , forget disturbing the people and the hospitals who have been treating the upto now 287 injured, some fatally and the police/army/NSG from the hunt for the approx seven unaccounted for terrorists loose in the city !!!


To add on : Terrorists fail to shut down Mumbai for one our very own Shivsena completes their incomplete job !

Shameless people...Even now they want the city to be closed for a day !


Prime VIP
these guys Thakre and LK Advani were heavily favoring the POTA at that time. Jad tak Sikh te muslman pota under ragre gaye, kisse saale nu dard nahi hoya. hun sadhvi te pandey farre gaye ta hun ehna nu torcher disda.

Kisse nu Bibi Amandeep Kaur, sister of Bhai Harpinder Singh Goldy, da torcher nahi disya. Osda kasur sirf enna si ki oh Bhai Goldy di Behan sigi :(
Sadhvi ta fer v bomb case ch aap shamil aa.

Hor pata nahi kinne hazarra ehje torcher oss time di Sikh families te hoye, just because oh kisse na kisse de rishtedar sige. Oss time ta aa sarre hi POTA de hakk ch si. Kende hunde si atte naal ghun da pisda hi aa. Hun ta atta peesan di tyari ho ta enna di fatt gayi.

If you are not aligned with Hindus in India, your treatment is second class. I am not joking you can experience it any time. Sardar ji jokes, sardara di dhadi muchha da majak, sardara nu dhakke naal hindu sabat karna te hor pata nahi ki ki.

"Jo Hindu hit ka kaj karega, wahi desh par raj karega."