Sharman Joshi: I am not here to prove anything


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New Delhi: Ready with his first solo hero movie Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Sharman Joshi says he’s not in the industry to prove anything to anybody and is looking at being part of quality cinema with an oeuvre of ten great films.

“I am not here to prove anything to anyone except for myself. I want to be part of great cinema. I want to be part of a minimum ten great films in my career as an actor. I think Ferrari Ki Sawaari is going to be one of those,” Sharman said.

The actor, who has been part of an ensemble cast in successful films like Golmaal and 3 Idiots, believes he is here to play a long innings.

“I am here for the long run, not a short run — 30-40 years is the minimum you should expect out of me. Don’t worry there is plenty more to see from me. You will possibly get tired of seeing me for the next 30-40 years.”

Filmmakers are experimenting a lot, he said, adding that audiences were smart and their capability to deal with something new shouldn’t be doubted.

“The audiences today are very quick and smart. Just by seeing a promotion on television, they know what films they have to see. I never had any doubt about them being prepared for such films. Those are the fears in the mind of the filmmaker.”

Mature audiences

“I think audiences are extremely mature. They are ready to give you love and respect for any genre if you make a film with a lot of conviction, love and faith. If at any point any film has failed, it’s not because the audience has not got it, it is due to lack of good storytelling,” he added.

In the industry for almost a decade and with more than a dozen films in his kitty, the actor says that he has dabbled in everything, from comedy to serious roles, and has managed “to keep his journey interesting for himself.”

“Sometimes the films don’t work well, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes you don’t get it right. But in an effort to keep it exciting and away from the usual, I am in no hurry to make the audiences believe that I am capable of something. I am going to take my time. Do the genres and characters I like to do, but at the same time, it has to be with the right script,” he added.

Asked if he was excited or nervous about Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Sharman said he had mixed feelings.

“I am very sad. I am almost going into a depression now because my wonderful film and its journey is coming to an end. The film is going to be out for the people now on the 15th of June; so I am very happy and pleased about it.”

Ferrari Ki Sawaari, directed by debutant Rajesh Mapuskar, about a father’s determination to fulfil his son’s wish, also stars Boman Irani.

After Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Sharman will start working for Tanuja Chandra’s directorial project. Just like ‘Ferrari...’, this one will also be produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

The film’s working title is said to be Chitthiya and is supposedly based on a love triangle