Samsung is Working on Nexus Two


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Google has first Launch Nexus one mobile phone and now Google is working with Samsung to shape the new or Next version of Nexus phone, as news comes that Samsung is working on Nexus two.

Today Gizmodo has reported that they have got there hands on upcoming phone from Samsung Nexus Two, according to Gizmodo nexus two have front facing camera
and its look like Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Their source said that “When I first saw it from 10 feet away, I thought it was the Galaxy S. I was a little surprised it was the Nexus Two,” apparently due to the device being very different from the Nexus One.

Further details, specs or any rumors of Nexus 2’s so called design, are all unknown. It’s not that they’re keeping it a secret, but probably the project hasn’t even started yet. However, the only thing that we can say with 100% guarantee is that the smartphone will have Gingerbread OS or Android 2.3 in it.